every season has purpose

Every season has purpose. If you just rolled your eyes at that statement, you probably need to hear it most. Does your present seem useless? Unnecessary? How about frustrating? I loved this devotional from Christine Caine where she shared on … Continue reading

what you need

God knows what’s in your future so He knows what you don’t need to get there. What do I mean? There are so many things we obsess over having or obtaining to get us to the place we want to … Continue reading

one night in jo(hannes)burg

hello, world! i’ve been traveling for a couple of days and had the opportunity to spend a night in johannesburg (aka joburg) while in transit! i don’t want to speak prematurely because i only spent a night there, but i … Continue reading

4 ways to stop worrying

thisĀ morning, for the first time in months, i woke up at 4 am. for years i typically woke up at 5:30 (sometimes 5, sometimes 4:30, sometimes 4…), spent time with the Lord, caught a couple more Zzs if time permitted, … Continue reading